Logo Trends – 2012



More unusual shapes

Traditionally, logos have been focused around squares and circles, with the occasional triangle thrown in for a bit of visual interest. 2012 is where that changes. Now people will be using much more freeform shapes, including multi-sided ones which were last seen by most people in sixth grade math class. Brush up on your pentagles, guys.


Buttons and Bubbles

The prevalence of Facebook’s like button and Digg’s digg button has totally changed the way that most people interact with the internet. It’s also changing the logo design world, with more people deciding to incorporate press buttons and speech bubbles into designs in 2012.


Gray is the new black (and it’s slimming)

Those massive strokes people used to use in logos are no more. Now sleek, ink-shy logos are the way forwards, with lighter weighted fonts and grays and browns replacing the harsh blacks. Very few people are moving towards #000000 on their hex colorwheel: that’s altogether too stark for 2012.


Going Green

The environment has always been a concern for ethical logo designers. 2011 saw a lot of greens coming into the average designer’s palette, and 2012 will see this trend continue. Expect to see earthly tones to make big companies seem a little more conscientious.

Taken from: http://www.logomyway.com